In the lead-up to Christmas and the festive season, many of us spend time and energy working out what to gift our loved ones. And the choices abound when it comes to new or expectant parents. There are innumerable products and things available – gadgets and gizmos – for pregnancy, labour and birth, breastfeeding, newborn care and much more. While some of these items can be truly beneficial, many are not, and families can find themselves inundated with well-intentioned but unused ‘stuff’.

As we mentioned in the last blog, one of the best ways to support a new Mama and her family is through practical help and the gifts of time, attention and food… always food! And while it’s wonderful to offer these things yourself, it isn’t always possible or practical to physically step in and help. For example, you may have your own young family, intensive work commitments, or live in a different city. In this case, you could consider gifting a service, such as what we offer with MamaCare, that provides additional care, health support and food in the comfort of a the parents’ home.

We offer gift certificates for all MamaCare’s services, from a one off in-home visit to the full Mama Luxe package. These are available for women and their families across Sydney and the expiration date can be negotiated based on the needs of family you’re buying for. Please contact us directly to find out more or arrange purchase.

Without a doubt, health and support is a priceless gift for any new mother.